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Lufthansa City Center

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Mariscal Foch E7-81 & Diego de Almagro,
Tip Top Travel


Galapagos is well know for its undersea treasures so if you have a diver license don’t forget to bring it!.. This tour offers to discover the sea beauties in the archipelago. Each one day tour, is made in speedboats with all the safety and comfort required for passenger to their adventure.

Daily Dive Tour begins early in the morning from Puerto Ayora. Dive master in Galapagos can guide maximum 6 people, before each immersion you will be instructed by your guide. Underwater you will always be in contact with your group and the guide. All diving equipment is for rent at the islands, also if you look for NITROX just ask and the special operators will get it for you.

Below we present you some of the famous diving spots but don't hesitate to ask for other destinations. Don’t miss the opportunity of diving in one of premier dive destinations in the world.