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People frequently ask when is the best time of the year to go to Galapagos, well, there’s no right or wrong answer since the archipelago is a year round destination, nevertheless you should be aware that natural events are different all year long and there are a few details to take into account.

Warm and Cold Season

The archipelago is cooler from June to December, due to the influence of the Humboldt Current . The highlands of the larger islands are kept green and lush which makes hiking more comfortable due to the low temperatures, while the sea level islands and shorelines have little precipitation yet the seas are roughest. This is the perfect time for observing the sea birds' courtship displays as well as whales or dolphins.

On the other hand between mid December and June the temperatures are the warmest and the seas are the calmest. During this warmer season, the Galapagos' climate is influenced by the Panama Current which makes it more tropical with daily rain and cloudier skies. If you’re beach time lover then this is the time to go, you’ll enjoy not only cooling off in the water but swimming and snorkeling with colorful fish and playful sea lions pups.


Undoubtedly the unique wildlife that islands hold is one of the main reasons to visit the Galapagos. You may have certain interest in one species, or maybe you just want to get to know the fantastic wildlife that is feature in so many TV documentaries, whatever it is you are attracted to you must know that animals have specific behavior patters regarding breeding, courtship, migration and others so a little investigation on this natural events may lead you just to your own perfect timing.

High Season vs. Low Season

Touristic activity has established two seasons; the main differences between them are the prices and the availability.
Whereas April, May, September and October are consider low season and special deals are often offered, the rest of the year is frequently on high demand so cruises may be more expensive and finding space is not a last minute decision since most bookings are made several months in advance.